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My Name is Chris Hammonds. I’m the founder of The Fitness Solution. The Fitness Solution is a fitness service provider, serving the Myrtle Beach area. We offer Boot Camps and Group training, and specialize in One-on-One Personal Training.

Our mission is to work with those who want to make a change, to be in better shape and be more healthy, faster and stronger, lose weight and gain muscle.

Let us help you…

  • Reach your fitness goals quickly and safely
  • Workout in a comfortable environment
  • Be healthy, look and feel great!

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Our goal is to help anyone reach their fitness goals, with a combination of nutrition, motivation, and hard work.

No gimmicks, just results.

Unlike the competition, who may provide a diet plan and/or a cookie cutter workout routine, we actually get to know what works best for each individual. No two people are the same and no single program will give the same result for two different people. We develop individualized programs to make sure each person has the best opportunity to achieve their best shape.

It’s truly amazing the things we can accomplish. When it comes to getting the body that you want nothing beats hard work and the right knowledge. The outcome is great!

If working out on your own hasn’t produced the type of results you wanted. We’re here. Services are offered in select locations. Check out the Rates and Services page for specific locations or ask below.

Not sure if it’s for you or just have a question? Ask us below and we will get back to you.

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